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Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas tree decorating trends

If you like having a different Christmas tree every year, in 2013 you can enjoy a beautiful mix of traditional and modern colors and styles.

These are the 2013 Christmas trends:

1. Vintage

This year, we love the Vintage Luxe style. It's feminine, brightful and so romantic! Think about the old glass baubles, but in silver and gold. This style remembers us about the Victorian age, in pastel colors like pink, blue or turquoise. You can buy an artificial silver or golden tree and decorate it with pastel accesories.

2. Woodland

The nature lovers can enjoy this year a wonderful theme: the woodland. You can see it even in the most beautiful Christmas commercial this year, the John Lewis ad. You can use all the accessories that represent the forest: pine cones, deers, squirrels, foxes, owls, bird or berries.

3. Nordic / Scandinavian

This style come from the Scandinavian countries - Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. You can use wooden decorations painted in white and red, with traditional motifs.

4. Monochrome

Black is not the perfect color for the Christmas, but it's a good choice for the ones who love minimalism. Black decorations can be paired with white, gold and silver, to offer a bit of sparkle. You can use a faux black or white Christmas tree, with accesories in geometric shapes, decorated with stars and crosses.

5. Traditional

The traditional style is always in the trends. Nothing is more beautiful than the green Christmas tree, with red and golden decorations.

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