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Friday, 10 February 2017

Celebrating love: Valentine's Day decor ideas

Valentine's Day is the celebration of love - of all kinds of love, I consider. Not just for your partner, but also for your mom or dad, for your cat or dog or for life itself. I see it as a perfect occasion to remind ourselves to love more and also... to refresh the home decor.


After Christmas, in January we had the time to take a break from all the decorations and lights. Now, it's the moment to add a little romantic spark to our homes. As I always say: never overuse decorations. In interior design, less is always more. For Valentine's Day we have a couple of elements: hearts, flowers and pink/red colors.

If you choose a romantic dinner at home, be ready to decorate the table with candle lights and flowers. If you just want to spend a cozy evening inside, than some nice heart decorations and candles are more than enough. If you're hosting a Valentine's Day party, then to all flowers and candles you can add colourful balloons, pom-poms and garlands.

You can start by hanging a romantic wreath on the front door.

Then, you could decorate the mantle of the fireplace - or any corner of the house, if you don't a mantle - with lots and lots of flowers and heart-shaped balloons.

And then it's time to decorate the table for the most romantic dinner of the year.

If you have a nice terrace or a garden (and outside it's not extremely cold), you can organize an outdoor romantic dinner.


For more Valentine's Day decor ideas, please visit my Pinterest album:

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