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Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Tree decorating trends 2012

When you thing about Christmas, you see a beautiful green Christmas tree with red decorations. This is the tradition and everybody loves it, but sometimes people feel the need to change for something new. So, the ones who have the courage to change the way the Christmas tree looks can try some of 2012 decorating trends.

Gold and black

Gold and black decorations are sophisticated and elegant, for people who like luxury. You need a black Christmas tree and gold ornaments, like in the images below. You also need to decorate your table with these colours and well, all your house.

Frosted colours

Turquoise is of the most beautiful colours for this year's Christmas tree, but you can also try blue and green, all with a frosted look. Designers suggest to have a white Christmas tree, decorated with these frosted colours.

Pastel colours

Pastel pink, violet, blue and green decorations work so well with a white Christmas tree. It's a very romantic look.

The sweet theme

This year is time for a sweet Christmas tree: use decorations that look like cookies, candies and lollipops.

Natural decorations

Let's celebrate nature by having a Christmas tree full of natural ornaments: pine cones, wood decorations, branches....everything you can imagine.

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