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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Holiday magic: Christmas 2016 tree decorating trends

Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year and I just can't wait to see the decorations in the shop's windows, the joyful lights on the streets and the enchanted Christmas markets. Yes, they look enchanted every year and I will never get enough of them. Right when November comes, I just get into the spirit of the holiday. The shops are already fully packed with Christmas decorations, so it's the best time to start thinking about this year's home decor.


The options are: the traditional Christmas decorations in white, red and green, or following the trends. If you want something special this year, then these are this year's Christmas trends, according to Florist's Review and to the trend experts at the trade fair Christmasworld 2016:

1. Woodland Winter - Northern Climes

The rustic Christmas look is one of the favourites for already a couple of years, but this season it adds some wilderness! The Woodland Winter is inspired by the cold winter forests or some would say, by the northern landscapes. If you want to achieve this look, try to incorporate the next elements:

- woodland animals, like owls, birds, bears, deer, foxes or squirrels
- white-barked tree branches, like birch and aspen
- snow-dusted evergreens, pine cones and holly
- red and green berries
- lanterns, vintage snowshoes, sleds, skis, skates, mittens and stocking hats
- wooden and frosted glass ornaments
- natural textiles, like raw linen, faux fur and faux leather
- patterns like rustic plaids and checks

The main colours for this theme are white, almond, brown, grey, green and red.


Woodland animals as ornaments



2. Merry Metals

The metallic trend is already here for some years and it seems it will continue this season, too. For Christmas 2016, gold and silver will shine together, while copper will pair with pink, red, black and white.



3. Luxe Lodge

Luxe Lodge is a mix between the coziness of the country chalets and luxury.  You can obtain this rustic glam look by using elements like:

- animal figurines or trophies reproductions
- acorns, pine cones and feathers
- ornaments made of crystal and frosted glass
- distressed-look woods and antique decor, rustically painted or color washed
- metal ornaments
- fine fabrics and textiles, like superfine wools, silk velvets, nubby satins, faux leathers and faux fur

Along the metallic colours like gold and silver, this theme also uses ivory, taupe, basil green, brown and burgundy.



4. Handcrafted Holiday

DIY projects are a huge trend this year, therefore homemade Christmas ornaments are another big theme for Christmas 2016. Everything is traditional here, from colours to symbols and prints. You should include in your hancrafted decorations:

- candy canes, gingerbread, santas, cookies etc.
- textile arts, like knitting, needlepoint, embroidery etc.
- traditional prints and patterns, like simple plaids, checks, stripes, dots
- hand lettering and word banners
- hand-strung garlands and paper bag luminarias
- rustic wood carvings
- chalkboard

The colours are traditional: red, white and green.


5. Holiday Home

This trend is inspired by popular interior palettes and it's based on blue hues. It is actually a trend based mainly on colours and not necessarily on elements. That's why you can use a great variety of elements, fabrics and patterns, all in whites, silvers, grays and blue shades - from turquoise to dark blues.

Centsational Girl

6. Neutral Noel

If you're searching for something elegant and you love neutral colours, then this is the write theme for you. It's also a theme based on a colour palette, therefore you can use a variety of decors. The important thing is to stick to the right colour palette: white, ivory, champagne silver, pale gold and platinum. 


7. Jolly Jubilance

It's the most playful theme of them all, this Christmas. It is also based on colours, but this time on bright and vibrant ones. It makes you think about the pop art and it contains some kitsch elements, which add a bit of fun.

You can use any colours as you like, as long as they are bright: intense turquoise, cerise, canary yellow, tangerine, raspberry or purple.



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