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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The 10 funniest no-carve Halloween pumpkins

I prefer to see Halloween as an opportunity to have my house decorated with all sort of funny items: funny pumpkins, funny spiders, funny black cats and well... the normal Halloween decor but in the funny version. Of course, this is just a matter of taste, but for the ones who think like me, I gathered here some really funny pumpkin ideas.

Photo: simpleasthatblog.com
First of all, I chose only pumpkin ideas that require only painting and some decoupage but not carving. I consider this to be much easier and it doesn't require too much talent :) . All you need is some paint - spraying paint for the pumpkin itself would be just perfect... if not, any kind of paint you can find, paper and glue. Of course, you can add more ingredients - it depends on the final effect.

10. The bat and the cat

It's such a great project for kids... and for me, too, I have to confess :D. You need to paint in black two pumpkins and then create the animals elements from heavy craft paper, as you wish. The next step is to stick the paper elements on the pumpkins and tadaaa... you have a really funny pumpkin for Halloween.

9. Minion pumpkins

Photo: www.craftymorning.com
Easy to do and very funny! The minion pumpkins also require only painting and some coke cans for the eyes. More instructions about how to DIY the minions and the evil minions you can find on craftmorning.com. 

8. BB-8 Star Wars pumpkin

Photo: family.disney.com
Perfect for the Star Wars fans! According to Disney, it takes 3 hours to transform two pumpkins in BB-8. If you love the ideas, then you can try it step by step, following the instruction on the Disney blog. 

7. Harry Potter owl pumpkin

Photo: www.buzzfeed.com
A tiny bit more difficult to create, but it's worth it! Take one big pumpkin and two identical small ones...it could work with two little different ones, too - it won't look exactly like Hedwig the owl, but it will definitely be very funny :D.  We also need two identical pinecones, craft paper, white paint, glue and a little green melon for the beak.

6. Donut pumpkins

Photo: studiodiy.com
Great for a different kind of Halloween. If you want to try something new, then this would be a sweet idea! All you need is a pumpkin (or more, it depends on how many "donuts" you want) and paint. You can check the tutorial at studiodiy.com.

6. Animals of the forest

Photo: www.countryliving.com
They're not scary at all, but so cute! For these ones you will need more materials, like branches or muffin baking paper - not just paint anymore, but the time invested will have great rewards! For the reindeer, you can use a simple white pumpkin - so you won't need to paint it. At countryliving.com you can find more details about how to DIY these really, really cute pumpkins.

5. The fluffy spider pumpkin

Photo: www.rachaelraymag.com
It looks much more difficult to do than it's actually is. Paint a pumpkin in black, then glue to it six pipe cleaner, bending them to look like spider legs. At the end, glue the eyes.

4. Ghostly pumpkins

Photo: homemydesign.com
Cute, funny and easy to DIY! Take 4 long pumpkins, paint them in white and you're almost done. You will need to paint their eyes in black and to add some accesories, which you can buy in almost every decor store.

3. Olaf from Frozen pumpkin

Photo: thebubblybay.com
If you or your kids love Frozen, then you will also love this! Like most of the ideas I showed you here, it's very easy to create. Take three pumpkins, from which one has to be the longer type. Paint them in white and then paint Olaf's face with black. Add some branches as hands and a little blue scarf. As for the nose, you can paint it in orange or just glue a carrot. Thanks to thebubblybay.com for the tutorial. 

2. Inspiration from your pet

Photo: www.parents.com
The author from www.parents.com inspire himself from his pug, Ralph, and created his "pugkin" version. I will definitely try to make the pumpkin version of my own dog, a very fluffy Samoyed.  

1. Funny little animals

Photo: simpleasthatblog.com
These three cute pumpkins are my favourites! Especially the fox and the raccoon! You can find all you need to know about them on simpleasthatblog.com

So, have fun while crafting this year's Halloween pumpkins and share with us your creations! 

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