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Friday, 9 December 2016

A very merry eco Christmas: How to decorate a Christmas tree in a pot

Christmas is my favourite holiday and I just can't imagine it without the wonderful decorated Christmas tree. But, in the same time, I know that this tradition isn't quite environmental friendly (which is a very important subject for me) and there's a little battle going on in my mind: should I give up the nicest Christmas tradition and do a good deed for the planet? Well, fortunately there is a great solution to this problem: use a Christmas tree in a pot!

You can find tree in pots almost everywhere now, but remember to ask your supplier where the trees come from and choose a locally grown tree. The big advantage of the potted tree is that it allows you to grow it outside and use it again next year, reducing the environmental impact. If you can't take care of the potted tree until the next Christmas, then you can rent one from a specialized company. They will bring the tree in a pot at your home, then they will take it after the holidays and replant it at their tree farm until next Christmas. You can even buy it and use the same potted tree year by year.


Before getting to the decorating ideas, I have gathered here a few tips on caring for the potted Christmas tree.

  • To make sure the tree will last in the house for the holiday season, it would be best to display it in a cool room (when possible). If not, keep it away from the heaters and bring them indoors as late as possible - a few days before Christmas would be ideal. 
  • Do not keep living tree in the house any longer than 10 days, but if it looks unhappy, put it back outside even sooner. Be sure it gets all the water it needs. 
  • After Christmas, you can plant the tree in your garden or send it back to the tree nursery.
  • If you're using lights for decorating the living Christmas tree, make sure the light bulbs don't heat too much - LED lights would be better.
  • Use ornaments that are not too big, so you won't destroy the branches.

A perfect eco-friendly Christmas would mean a living Christmas tree decorated with eco-friendly ornaments - made of wood and other natural or recycled materials, and lighted with solar power. You can go completely eco or just stick to the living tree, it's your choice and it depends on the budget and time available. If you want to try it, here are some ideas:

  • You can buy or create ornaments made of natural materials, like organic cotton, silk, hemp, wood.
  • You can recycle various items and transform them in new ornaments.
  • Remember that less is more in decorating - do not overuse ornaments. Clutter does not look good. 
  • Use energy-efficient LED lighting. The LED bulbs can save 90% on power costs and will last longer.
  • For the gifts, use sustainable wrapping paper or any other natural material.

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