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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A party to remember: New Year's Eve 2017 decoration ideas

The New Year comes with lots of hopes for better times. A new year means for many of us a new chance to solve older problems, to fulfill dreams and to start new wonderful things. And the chance of saying good-bye to the past. Therefore we welcome the New Year not just with hope, but with a great party! Many of you choose to go to New Year's concerts in the city, to restaurants or to clubs, but there are some of us who prefer a party at home - alone, in two or with many more.


If you want a party to remember, don't forget about the decorations. They offer a wonderful festive feeling and a nice conversation subject. It's important, though, not to overuse decorations - less means more.

For a very special party, you can choose a theme to it. This year in trends there's the "70's Disco Party" theme, the "Neon" theme and the "Black and White" one.

70's Disco

This theme uses lots of colours and patterns and lots of glitter. You should have in the house at least one disco ball, but also lava lamps, velvet table cloths and confetti.


Neon colours are a big trend this year. Who had the courage of having a Neon Christmas tree could complete the theme with lots of party decor items in neon colours.

Black and White

This theme is the favourite this year. I already saw in the deco stores a lot of party accessories in black, white and metallic colours (gold or silver). So if you choose this theme, you will have no problems in finding the right deco.

If you don't care for the trends, here are some other nice party ideas. Don't forget the confetti, the champagne, the good food and the hope for a better new year.

I wish you a New Year full of love, health, peace and hope.

Happy New Year!

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