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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

How to have a pet friendly house - Interior design for a home with animals

Having a pet doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful and comfortable house. Instead of banishing your pets in the yard, you can design your home so that it would be stylish and pet friendly.

A pet friendly home can also be stylish

You can have a beautiful house and a pet, in the same time. The secret is choosing the right materials and to pay attention to your pet's needs. If a house is not suitable for a dog, it's not ok neither for kids or guests", says Julia Syabo, a New York Post editor and the writer of "Animal House Style: Designing A Home To Share With Your Pets".

First, take care of your pet's hygiene and clean your house...a lot. So, vacuum regularly and bathe and groom your pet as much as possible.

How to design a pet friendly house:

1. Use stain-resistent fabrics,
like leather and Crypton.

Leather furniture is not that great in a house with cats
2. Use fabrics that resist to frequently washing, like cotton.

Cotton is a great choice for your health, too

3. Don't use carpets, but rugs. They are great because they will protect the floor from scratches coming from pets' claws and they muffle the sounds on the floors, when the pets run or play. White, beige, cream and light colours are not advisable, because they will get dirty really quick and you will observe that more than on the dark coloured ones.

Photo: thecreativenook.com
4. Choose hard surface/ durable floors: the best are the ceramic tiles, but you can choose hardwood, too, or even painted concrete, terrazzo and bricks. The reason is the same: you can clean it daily.

Photo: prettyfluffy.com

5. Offer your pet a lot of toys, so that he/she would chew and scratch them and not the furniture, the pillows or some other dear things.

6. Match your house colours to your pet's fur... the hair they leave behind won't be as visible any more.

Photo: www.myscandinavianhome.com

7. Match your pet's sleeping and relaxation place, as their beds, pillows and scratching posts, to your home design.


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